Young Millionaires Circle – YMC

Young Millionaires Circle – YMC

YMC is a financial intelligence platform of YIN with the mission of raising young millionaires in their early years between ages 18 and 35 towards wealth creation and eventually become financially free through interest generating savings, investments and passive incomes generating assets.
Our approach is “100,000/10” rule which is raising 100,000 Millionaires in the period of 10 years; who would be well-informed to take intelligent financial decisions, acquire assets and earn passive incomes consistently.

Our Strategic Approach

YMC partners with time-tested and credible investment companies and FinTechs, Real Estate, Agriculture and other rewarding investment platforms amongst which are PiggyVest, Cowrywise, LIFEPAGE Group amidst others to achieve our strategic mission. The initial approach to is to ensure that prospective millionaires are disciplined with saving consistently to the point of raising enough capital for investments on third-party platforms till we complete our standard, safe and well-secured investment portal.

Our all-consuming idea is to ensure that your money does not stay stagnant in the bank without generating but gives rise to interest with reasonable incremental effects. This happens in a per annum prorated interest as you save in trickles Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis depending on commitment and financial strengths, which gets compounded to chunk sums that could be invested on Government and Corporate Bonds such as Treasury Bills, Mutual Funds amidst others or fixed assets such as lands, houses as the case may be.

Regular financial education, trainings and investments opportunities would be introduced on regular basis to inspire and instigate actions from members. Investment experts and representatives from our partners would be invited from time to time to awaken millionaire genes, introduce members to High-Income Generating Skills and how to spot opportunities for incomes generation.

How to be a Millionaire Through YMC

  1. Register all required details via the link provided. Then click on start saving to create account to begin your journey to financial freedom through discipline and consistent savings plan. You will receive free N1,000 as bonus once you register through the link
    after making your first deposit.
  2. Decide on the amount you want to commit to saving on daily, weekly or monthly basis in order to achieve your set millions goal.
    For example: If you commit to saving N5,000 on Monthly basis, let’s check how long it will take you to
    reach N1,000,000.
    In Months: N1,000,000/N5,000 = 200
    In Years: 200/12 = 16.67 years
    Meaning, it will take you about 17 years of consistently saving N5,000 in bank to reach N1Million. But with the land of compound interest and Return on Investment (ROI) this platform affords you; it is way shorter than 16.67 years.
  3. Set you withdrawal date to the end of the year or at the time a profitable stock would be opened for investment; let’s say December 29th, 30th or 31st. At the time when your prorated annual interest rate on your initial capital and total sum would have been bulky reasonably enough to put in an investment of about 12.5 – 15% ROI or more per annum.
    #: Not to worry, you will be guided and educated on how to properly and safely do this at YMC
  4. Invest the entire sum in either Treasury Bills (if the total savings is up to N100,000), Safe lock it or put in any safe and reliable investment opportunity that would be introduced to you for decent ROI.
  5. Repeat the process in (2) above in the new year with the same amount or more; bit it should not be less. Commit to increasing the savings plan to at least twice of that amount every Month. Wait for the withdrawal date at the end of the year. Withdraw again for
    #: When you commit to saving at least twice very Month, you will strengthen your mind to be creative and think about other possible streams of generating income(s).
  6. This time, depending on the maturity period of investment (4) above, add it to the total sum at (5) which would be bulky enough as initial investment capital for either Treasury Bills, fixed asset or in any other reliable opportunities that would be suggested at the
    #: Members would be guided and well-educated at every step of the way.
  7. Repeat the processes above till you seamlessly reach your desired goals of Millions and Multimillions in few years.
    #: Examples and practical demonstration sessions will happen from time to time during our training sessions.

Are you Interested?

If you are a student, fresh graduate or working professional who do not have consistent stream of income or wants additional stream of income to augment your savings, you earn decent commission by selling any of our products. Simply click this link or call 080x xxx xxxx to start now.

Learning and Development Structure for Young Millionaires

  1. Online Community of Millionaires – WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook – for all members of YMC where regular trainings, networking and questions would be regularly attended to. External financial and investment experts would be invited to demystify everything about the subject of Money, Investments and Opportunities for High-Income Skills
  2. Offline Trainings and Summits – This will happen once or twice every year with seasoned speakers of note in the field of Personal Finance.
  3. School of Wealth – Annual LIVE event of YMC for Mentorship, Networking, Reviews and Recalibration for peak financial decisions.
  4. Regular Publications – Daily, Weekly or Monthly Social Media and Website updates.

Who can join?

YOU, yes YOU!
If your financial status is of a major concern to you and you are passionate about taking forward-driven leap to fix it to the point of attaining FINANCIAL FREEDOM, then Young Millionaires Circle is for you. Join us today as we work together to re-write your financial history for good…

Want to be a Millionaire at YMC?

Meet us at the other side of this link.


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